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Winterthur produces a variety of publications for a variety of audiences and interests—from leading scholarly studies of American material culture and the decorative arts to titles highlighting the garden and garden history. The mission of the Publishing Program is to communicate Winterthur’s unique position as a place of beauty, history, and learning, motivating and educating collectors and academics as well as the general public.




Winterthur Portfolio

Winterthur Portfolio is an award-winning interdisciplinary journal committed to fostering knowledge of the American past through the study of material culture. It is published three times a year for Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library by the University Press of Chicago. Learn more about Winterthur Portfolio here.


"A Winterthur Primer" and Antiques & Fine Art Magazine

Since 2005 a special arrangement has existed between Winterthur and the magazine Antiques & Fine Art.  For each issue of the magazine, a Winterthur staff member provides an article for the series entitled "A Winterthur Primer."  Many of these articles may be viewed here.

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