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Where Are They Now?

Our 2014 Summer Interns: Alex Kwiatkowski, Laura Cruz, Nathan Smith, Molly Hendry, Hayden King, Win Fox, Van Adams. Thanks for all the help!

*Reflecting Pool photo by Jeannette Lindvig


Name         Year         Current Location
Suzanne French   1997   Winterthur Horticulturist
Lin Aven   2007   PhD Molecular Medicine, Boston University
Kristin Prommel   2007   Tyler Arboretum Horticulturist
Sam Kietch   2007   Tyler Arboretum
Kevin Braun   2009   Winterthur Arborist
Greg Mackenzie   2011   Winterthur Development Office
Kelly Cunningham   2011   Service Technician at Interiorscapes

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