Patriotic America - Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library
Platter, earthenware with blue printed design depicting the Arms of the State of Delaware, made by Thomas Mayer, Staffordshire, 1826-30 l.16- in, w. 13 in. Courtesy Winterthur Museum 1958.1847 Bequest of Henry Francis du Pont.
Pitcher and bowl, earthenware with blue printed design depicting the Boston State House. Attributed to John Rogers & Son Pitcher h. 8 3/4 in. Bowl d.12 - in. 1929.72.1, .2. Courtesy of Historic New England. Gift of Mrs. Louisa J. Byington. Photo by Adam Osgood.
Cheese stand, earthenware with blue printed design depicting the Capitol Building, Washington, made by John and William Ridgway, Staffordshire 1827-1830. d.12 in. Private collection, courtesy Transferware Collectors Club

Patriotic America Exhibition Online

Patriotic America
offers a comprehensive set of images of America in the 1820s, documenting a time of great celebration in the country. In 1815, when trade between America and England resumed following the War of 1812, Staffordshire potters were eager to regain access to one of their most lucrative markets. This virtual exhibition brings together the production of more than twelve British potters who created an aesthetic that would be desirable to Americans eager to purchase objects highlighting their growing nation. Many of the images were inspired by paintings and engravings depicting the new nation’s remarkable landscape and notable architecture.  Succeeding generations have treasured these wares, and they survive as a testament to the skills of the Staffordshire potter and the patriotism of his American consumer.
Winterthur, the Transferware Collectors Club, and Historic New England have joined forces to develop this new online exhibition.

This exhibition was made possible through a generous donation from Klaus and Marcia Zech and through a Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant from The Transferware Collectors Club. 

This exhibition launches on October, 23, 2011 and can be viewed at


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